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From preventive care to chronic issues, our providers partner with you for all your healthcare needs. Why? Because we believe you deserve to have access to the best care. And if that comes from the comfort of your own home, even better. 


B Virtual

We at B Virtual believe that overall wellness and optimal health outcomes result from a holistic approach to care.

We know healthcare and you know yourself. Together we can be the best team to help you achieve all of your health and wellness goals.

Founded by Dr. Buffi Barrineau Bailey, B Virtual provides quality, evidence-based virtual medical care, whether you’re at home, at work or on the go. Healthcare affordability and access to providers is an on-going struggle for many. 

We understand the challenges and we’re here to help.

Whether you are a busy professional trying to meet deadlines, a parent with a full plate, someone struggling with a chronic condition, or someone avoiding appointments due to high deductibles or lack of insurance. B Virtual can meet your needs. We can see you through a virtual visit and find solutions whether you need medicine, a wellness analysis or dietary supplements. 

No need to wait for an appointment weeks away or sit in a crowded waiting room waiting to be seen. Long delays are a thing of the past.

Our world is more virtual than ever and we can provide healthcare to meet our patients where ever they are.


Aesthetically Speaking…

We are proud to bring you our own medical grade skin care line, B Beautiful. For patients with additional anti-aging needs we are partnering with a local compounding pharmacy to deliver an incredible line of highly targeted products customized to fit your specific skincare needs.

Explore our full line of B Well Dietary Supplements and B Beautiful Medical Grade Skin Care.

B Virtual aims to:

Provide easy access care that is discreet and confidential. 

Promote wellness and anti-aging that is personalized to our patient’s needs.

Provide an ongoing evidence-based, safe and quality healthcare with multiple customized treatment options.

healthcare, reinvented

Dr. Buffi Barrineau Bailey

B Virtual’s founder, Dr. Buffi Bailey holds a doctorate in nursing practice and is an ANCC board certified Family Nurse Practitioner.

As a long-time local, she believes in community and supporting people close to home. While the concept of telemedicine is growing quickly, virtual care options from local providers have been limited.  

With an interest in helping others, an excitement to bring a new service to the area and am extensive background in healthcare, B Virtual was a natural next step.  


Dr. Buffi was raised in the Walton County area and lower Alabama, where her family has lived for two decades. She is a graduate of Paxton High School and Troy University, where she became a registered nurse and earned a Master’s Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Most recently, she earned a Doctorate in Nursing Practice with a special focus in healthcare administration from Samford University.


She has nearly 15 years of working in a large local hospital, caring for patients as well as serving as a hospital administrator.

Through this leadership experience, she oversaw areas such as hospital quality, infection control, stand-alone ambulatory surgery, and perioperative services. Dr. Buffi also has experience as a licensed healthcare risk manager in the state of Florida, with training via the University of Florida.


Patient safety and quality are a passion for Dr. Buffi. She is a Team STEPPS Master Trainer and completed additional Patient Safety training and education through Johns Hopkins and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.


She currently serves as the RN to BSN Program Coordinator and faculty for a local university and carries a strong desire and commitment to educate our future nursing clinicians and leaders.


When she’s not working, Dr. Buffi enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. She has 3 dogs, loves gardening and spending time with family and friends.

Looking for something particular?

Everyday Care

When you’re sick, you shouldn’t have to wait a week to see a doctor — and urgent care can be an expensive and time-consuming solution.

Wellness and Prevention

Our highest goal is to help you reach and maintain your optimal state of health, no matter where you are in life.

Chronic Conditions

Ongoing care for chronic medical condition that may change our lives profoundly.

Beauty & Aesthetics

Anti-aging treatments, lash serums, skincare and weight loss solutions to help you become your best self.

Children and Family

Virtual primary care for busy families with a full plate. Visits are efficient, affordable and easy to manage.